Sunday, October 25, 2009

Magazines woman travelers would want to write for.

As you can see, travel is my passion. But, enjoying it all on my own is only half the fun. Therefore, I love to share my adventures (and mis-adventures, as the case may be), experiences, pictures and anything else which occurs whilst I'm roaming the world with others who are equally familiar with the "itchy feet" syndrome. Question is, where to find a forum to put one's articles and pictures. The choice is big, so I will today talk about two online magazines, which I love to read and to write for. An added bonus is, that the editors of both are approachable and actually correspond with you. That's not always the case. Number one is Gonomad. The articles published there showcase beautiful destinations as well as giving useful information to find one's way around. Editor Max Hartshorne replies quickly and is for me "The man with the hat". It was his birthday recently, so send him a Happy Birthday on facebook. Number two, where I have just been assigned to write an article, is travelwithachallenge. The mag is orientated towards older travelers, which suits me just fine, given that I'm no spring chicken anymore. Editor Alison Gardner is very nice too, responds quickly and tells you exactly what she wants. Both magazines need top notch pictures, preferably your own. So, if you like, follow my footsteps and happy writing.