Sunday, April 15, 2012

Best Places to Find Love in Paris

Paris is often viewed as one of the most romantic cities in the world. So, it is no wonder why so many single women jump on flights to Paris, looking to meet someone special and fall in love. In a city as large as Paris, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly where to find other hopeful singles. There are a few well known Paris locations that have a great reputation for being prime spots for meeting other singles.

Café Flore

Although pricey and often considered to be a tourist destination, Café Flore is notorious for not only its unique historic background but also for being one of the top sports to meet singles in Paris. Open from 7 am to 2 am, Café Flore offers patrons a trendy locale for dining and mingling. For those seeking a historically old fashioned Parisian Café as the backdrop for a romantic evening or early brunch, Café Flore will not disappoint. It is helpful though to remember that most locals begin dinner at 9 pm. Once dinner begins, the noise level at Café Flore becomes quite loud, so for those wishing to engage in a long, meaningful conversation with that special someone, they may want to leave before the dinner crowd arrives.

Les Deux Magots

Les Deux Magots is a well-known café in Paris’ famed Saint-Germain-des-Pres region. Drawing in the intellectually inclined, Les Deux Magots has been well received in the community as a popular spot for singles and tourists alike. While its historical reputation precedes it, Les Deux Magots offers patrons a unique variety of services in a classy, artistic atmosphere along with five-star cuisine. Paris singles choose Les Deux Magots as a location for meeting fellow singles for many reasons ranging from the trendy interior design to the French ambiance, but one thing is for sure, Les Deux is one of the number one locations for meeting Paris singles. The outdoor seating option at Les Deux Magots is an appealing choice for those wishing to have a more intimate dining experience. The simple sidewalk tables offer an unexpected romantic charm when dining outdoors.

Lo Sushi

Sushi bars are also popular destinations for single women to find love in Paris. Chefs and patrons yelling orders back and forth in sushi restaurants creates a lively environment, making it easy to strike up a conversation with fellow diners. Lo Sushi in Champs-Elysees is one of the top rated sushi restaurants in Paris and popular among local singles. Offering a quieter dining atmosphere than most sushi restaurants, Lo Sushi provides ample opportunities to converse with other restaurant patrons. The trendy interior and intimate seating attracts both locals and tourists. The best spot to chat up a fellow single in Lo Sushi is the bar, which is where most of the restaurant action takes place. For those simply looking to be entertained, the bar is also a great location for quirky exchanges from the sushi chefs and staff, which could be a great spring board for meeting other singles sitting nearby.

Best Tours in Singapore for Single Women

Singapore is an incredibly safe destination for a single woman. Their low crime rate, trustworthy police, and excellent medical facilities make it an excellent choice for the female solo traveler. A great way to get acquainted with Singapore is through a tour. Tours are fantastic for a single woman because it gives them a chance to meet fellow travelers while also getting to experience some of the city. Singapore holidays have many fabulous tours that you can take, but these are just a few of the very best for single women.

Singapore Zoo Night Safari Tour

Singapore Zoo offers a very unique experience for travelers in the form of their Night Safari. It gives single women the chance to see nocturnal animals in their natural habitat while an experienced tour guide offers insights into the creatures. It's difficult to get a good look at nocturnal animals anywhere else, but on the Night Safari tour, it's easy. It's also a great tour to do after dark for single women who want to do some kind of activity at night, but don't want to dine alone. Sentosa Island Tour Sentosa Island is a beautiful tropical island that is easily reached by cable car from the city center. Single women will love this trip, as it's a great chance to relax, see some beautiful views, swim, and lie on the beach. It's a welcome respite from hectic Singapore, and it's an easy day trip. A tour gives single women a great way to meet other travelers and get some inside information on Sentosa Island's many sights and activities.

Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour

These are ubiquitous in every major city for a reason. For a single woman, a hop-on, hop-off bus tour might just be the easiest, most convenient way to see Singapore. The bus picks up and drops off at a variety of interesting sights around the city, making it easy to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time. Plus, the bus always has an informative and educational guide who is a great resource for tips on what not to miss.

Food Tours

Singapore is a very multi-cultural city, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the variety of different cuisines available. A great option for single women who have adventurous taste buds is to go on one of the many food tours available in Singapore. They range from tours focusing on high-end dining to tours that focus on cheap, but delicious Chinese food. For example, The Chinatown Food Tour gives visitors the chance to explore Singapore's excellent Chinatown and all the delicious foods available there, all with the convenience of an experienced, knowledgeable guide.

The Best Party Spots in Bangkok

With its infamous reputation and depictions in movies such as The Hangover 2, Bangkok’s nightlife is known around the world. Bangkok offers everything from the naughty and risqué at Patpong, Nana, and Soi Cowboy, to pubs, live music bars, and trendy clubs. It is truly the nightlife Mecca of South East Asia. However, with such a wide variety of nightlife options it can be difficult to know where to start. Based on personal experience, here are the three best party spots in Bangkok.

Nana Plaza

Of the three main red light areas, Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza, Nana Plaza is by far the most exciting. While Patpong and Soi Cowboy are more widely known, they have both been reduced to more carnival, touristy sightseeing areas. For a place to really experience the naughty night life of Bangkok, Nana Plaza is the best choice. Located in Sukhumvit Soi 4, Nana Plaza is a veritable three story sex mall centered on the square shaped plaza. Nana Plaza boasts a variety of open air bars and go-go bars with themes such as Bangkok’s infamous ladyboys, lesbian dominatrix, Japanese school girls etc. With such an exotic and erotic atmosphere Nana Plaza is definitely one of best three party spots in Bangkok!

Q Bar

Along with the more risqué options, Bangkok has a great club and bar scene.  One of the most world renowned clubs in Bangkok is the Q Bar. After 12 years, the Q Bar has set the standard for clubbing in Bangkok.  The Q Bar boasts the largest selection of alcohol in the city along with live DJs and a weekly party schedule. An eclectic crowd frequents the Q Bar with a good mix of Thai, expats and tourists, including several A list celebrities. The upstairs lounge, Q Up, has one of Bangkok’s only open air smoking terraces. Offering a place for cliental to enjoy a cigarette, shisha, or an imported cigar. Q Bar has been featured in magazines and television networks across the world and is the number one clubbing destination in Bangkok. The Q Bar is located near the BTS stop Nana at Sukhumvit Soi 11.

Khao San Road

Internationally recognized from Leonardo Decaprio’s movie The Beach, Khao San makes the list as one of the three best party spots in Bangkok.  Khao San is a short street located in central Bangkok, just north of the Grand Palace and Wat Phrae Kaw. Khao San road is a back packer’s paradise. With cheap hostels, restaurants, and bars, Khao San is an ideal place to party.  It is overflowing with foreigners from around the world and it is never hard to find a good time there. With open air patio bars lining the streets, each competing with one another to offer the cheapest drinks and best specials, it is easy to find a good place to have a few drinks.

With flights to Bangkok becoming more affordable in recent times, it is certainly a destination that I would highly recommend you visit. Indulge in a cultural experience by day and party hard at night, my ideal holiday!

3 Best Activities to do in Noosa

Noosa, Queensland, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. The area is well-known for its pristine landscape. Noosa has an abundance of beaches and wildlife with Noosa hotels situated in the hinterland as well as the beachfront, giving you a number of options whatever your taste. There are no high-rises taking over the amazing picturesque views. The casual atmosphere allows tourists to feel laid-back and in touch with nature while enjoying the actives that Noosa has to offer. From strolling the boardwalk to skydiving, good times await all.

Noosa River and Everglades

Experience a day of natural wonders by taking a long cruise through the Noosa River and Everglades. It is in Cooloola National Park. This is a bird lover's paradise. There are a large number of things to photograph. A barbecue lunch at Harry's Hut in Great Sandy National Park is included with the cruise. A visitor has the choice between fish fillets, steak, sausages or vegetarian. The meal is topped off with a glass of wine. Explore this unspoiled eco system and leave with unforgettable memories of peace and tranquility. It’s a special feeling that you can only find in the Everglades.

Sunset Kayaking

Kayaking on the Noosa River is a joy. During the day, you are able to explore and kayak alongside the dolphins. However, there is a whole other beautiful world to be seen at sunset. Animals are waking up while others are just now resting. The area is full of new sounds that are taking over the landscape. Soak up all the riches of the mangroves and sandbars while exploring the wildlife-filled estuaries. Take a break to splash in the water with fish before continuing on towards the ocean. When the sun sets, the kayak sails rise. Take in the beauty of the sunset, and then cruise back on the Noosa River. This is a wonderful excursion for first timers and families with children. Kayaking is leisurely and makes for a wonderful trip at the end of the day. It can even be a start to a fun filled evening.

Circus Workshop

This is where the magic of making a visitor's dream comes to life. The circus workshop has lessons for juggling, trapeze work and bungee trampolines. Lessons last anywhere from 90 minutes to overnight stays. This is a fun way to learn basic circus skills. While on the bungee trampoline, people learn about confidence and aerial awareness. These skills come in handy if you are moving on to the trapeze. A guest will have a blast learning tricks and flips while bouncing in the air. Juggling school helps teach eye to hand coordination. Guests will have hands-on experience using balls, clubs and devil sticks. It is a great gift to learn to show family and friends. Instructors at the flying trapeze workshop will help with warm-ups. Then, you proceed to the practice bar that is at ground level. A safety belt is fitted and used throughout practice. Lessons include how to swing, take off, knee hang and back flip down to the net. This popular attraction in Noosa must be booked four to six weeks in advance.