Monday, January 7, 2013

Using Audiobooks for Travel

For all travelers of the world, just the thought of places yet to be explored is always an excitement simply for the realm of possibilities that await you. Yes, you can have an itinerary jam packed with details from the minute your feet leave your bed/hammock/sleeping bag/etc. to the minute your head falls onto your pillow. Yes, you can research every detail of the destination you have planned for your future: the rich history, culture, language, photographs, and the alike. You can prepare for almost anything and everything but, such as life, the best part is the events you don’t plan for. This is how your story is written. In every single fiction book, not one character truly has control over his or her destiny. It is the all-omnipotent author’s control with his or her mighty pen. You, the traveller, are the character having your adventure written by an anonymous author of extraordinary credentials.

One of the most exhilarating things to do in life, and especially while traveling, is to let go of your sails and see where the wind takes you. To really get excited about the blank pages of your adventure, reading an audiobook from other seasoned travellers can put you in that mind set. Whether you choose an audiobook that tells you the stories of the destination you are about to embark or you simply just like to hear accounts of destinations you have already been to, the audiobook world is yet another destination to be explored.

Many audiobooks are read by the travellers themselves and while reading their descriptions gets most travellers eager, hearing their own voices describing the story he or she lived is just as thrilling as being there next to them as the action unfolds. The emotion and expression laced in their voices makes for a far more personal read and feeds your imagination from black and white print to the wild colors of your journey’s end.

If you plan on taking family for the awaited adventure, there are many audiobooks that can provide your children with excitement and delight. Sharing audiobooks with loved ones can create an even stronger bond between you and help lay out a clean and blank canvas ready to be painted. Even if travelling alone, listening to travellers’ epic stories are often just enough to get your feet wiggling, ready to trek.

Travel audiobooks serve as the background music to your predestination. The travelling authors of audiobooks orchestrate the most beautiful accounts to hit the part of your heart that is saved for travelling and travelling alone. To be inspired by those who choose to have a love affair with the world can prepare your eyes for the magic that is around every corner, under every leaf, within every dish, person, and event. And after a day’s rest from seeking the magic and experiencing the magnificence of your travels, maybe you, the traveller, can tell your story in an oral fashion and continue the contagious beauty of exploration.