Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Living it up for a day at La Mamounia/Marrakesh

Even the world class hotels seem to feel the economic pinch which is a good thing really, because us mere mortals get a chance to enjoy all the luxury for a day by getting a day pass. I availed myself of that opportunity at the Mamounia Hotel in Marrakesh, one of the leading hotels of the world. For approx. $50, I got a day pass and enjoyed a wonderful day. I headed straight for the enormous pool and settled myself in one of the loungers, never lifting a finger to get towels, the headrest adjusted or a cool drink. Then I wanderd around the beautiful gardens which the hotel is famous for, admiring the tropical plants and even taking a peek at their kitchen garden. The hotel features 5 differently themed restaurants and amazing art work. Buffet lunch is to be had at the pool side bar (not included in the day pass) and although it's quite expensive, it's worth it because you can get any hot or cold Moroccan delicacy imaginable and as much of it as your stomach will allow. I met seriously nice hotel guests who had interesting travel stories to tell and, in the afternoon, an icecream man came around. The super big scones were even free. I topped up the day by enjoying a fruit drink in the piano bar and headed happily home to my own more modest lodgings.