Monday, November 30, 2009

My favorite blog to follow

The single woman traveler does not only like to travel and to discover inspiring locations all over the world, she also like to sample local food. Absolute experts in the field, combining travel and mouthwatering specialties are Maryaln B Hill and her friend and writing partner Brenda. What she an others discover is reflected in their blog whereandwhatintheworld. Join me in following them and learn how to recreate the dishes you have sampled on your travels at home.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm now also to be found on authornation!

AuthorNation Celebrates 2008 as the Year of the Author! AuthorNation Celebrates 2008 as the Year of the Author!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Preview and buy The Househusband Club from

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The single woman traveler's latest novel

My second novel, "The Househusband Club" is just out on lulu. Laugh and cry with the adventures of three househusbands, who think it's a good idea to solve their problems on a cruise to the South Pacific. However, all kinds of mischief, mistaken identity, jealousy, flings and more make matters worse until an unexpected turn brings everything to a happy ending. My experiences and impressions on a cruise to Tahiti and beyond a few years back, prompted the idea to this novel which has now seen the light of the book-world.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Single on a huge cruise ship!!

It was somewhat against my will that I landed on the Carnival Freedom. This came about because the cruise was advertised by the Historical Museum of Southern Florida for its members and it wasn't mentioned which cruise ship we would be on. Having been on a cruise only once before, in the South Pacific on a ship which carried only 250 passengers, I was totally overwhelmed when the Freedom loomed. I was also put together with another lady, the museum travel agent had assured me was very nice, my age etc, but in the end was totally unbearable. The service desk was extremely helpful in finding me a single cabin after two nights at an additional cost of $150 which was acceptable. There also is no shortage of food on this ship, but one look at the extremely obese majority of the other passengers could put you off food for life! It wasn't nice either to see them in the pool or on the deck, but that's not the cruise line's fault. Arrival time at the first port of call, San Juan in Puerto Rico was very bad. The ship docked at 6pm, when it was getting dark and left again at midnight, so there were only a few hours on the island---in the pitch black dark. I failed to understand what could be funny about a hairy chest competition but they make a lot of effort to keep people entertained. For a single woman here is the best advice: find a quiet corner to sunbath or read, make sure you have a cabin with daylight and otherwise make the most of going ashore, preferably on your own so you don't have to wait until whatever group is together and you are not herded to places you don't really want to go.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What souvenirs to buy?

Which woman, single or not, doesn't like jewelery? The single woman traveler doesn't want to be loaded down with souvenirs which, once at home, just end up on a shelf or gather dust in a dark corner. What fits the bill of being souvenir and a piece a woman likes to wear is affordable jewelery and the Caribbean islands offer a treasure trove. My favorite are the pieces which I found in Charlotte Amalie, the capital of St. Thomas in the USVI and, to be precise, in the World Amber Museum. What I didn't know until visiting the museum is that a) amber is also found in the Caribbean and b) that it comes in many colors from light green to the darkest brown. Amber pieces are very light even when set in silver or gold and flattering to every age. Unlike diamonds, emeralds etc. amber jewelery can be worn all day long. Just look at this gorgeous pendant, but there are bracelets, rings, earrings etc. for every taste and occasion available in the museum's small retail store.

Monday, November 16, 2009

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Webalbum from my cruise

Look at the fantastic pictures from my cruise in the Caribbean in my webalbum.

The single woman is cruising...

On a cruise ship that is! 8 days lie just behind me which I spent on board the Carnival Freedom, cruising Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Tortola, Antigua and Nassau/Bahamas. Cruises don't come cheap and, therefore I let myself be persuaded by the travel agent to share a cabin with a "very nice lady your won age". I of course didn't know the lady in question, but I thought: I'm not a difficult person, I don't snore and don't have smelly feet and it's only for a few nights and..anyway we won't spend much time in the cabin. Let me tell you: don't do it! If you can't afford the rather stiff price for a single cabin, don't go on the cruise, but never, ever share with some one you don't know. I had to move into a single cabin after two nights, because there was no way I would allow myself to be patronized in the manner this woman tried. Among other things: she asked me not to use perfume or Eau de Cologne in the bathroom in the morning as she can't stand the scent so early in the day. I kid you not!!!