Monday, March 29, 2010

Gonomad and my latest article

I just love to write or Gonomad. The site has so many interesting departments and a dedicated writer will always find a 'niche' for her or his stories. And you couldn't as for a nicer editor than Max who listens to your pitch, replies quickly and never fails to give you advice and support even if it has nothing to do with Gonomad. Here is an excerpt of my guide book to Galicia.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The 'Hood- Downtown Miami

The ‘Hood – Downtown Miami This post has been entered into the GranTourismo-Home Away Writing competition. and The word “Miami” conjures up images of Art Deco buildings, pink flamingos, white beaches with bikini clad beauties, suntanned people on roller blades ‘walking’ their pet dogs along Ocean Drive and jumping night clubs. All true, but a different side where you really meet and mingle with Miamians lies in my own ‘hood which is downtown Miami. For starters, that’s where the Miami River flows and enters into Biscayne Bay. Ask any tourist and most of them don’t even know that Miami has a river. It’s an important and very busy waterway and nothing better than to go on a boat trip with Dr. George. These trips can only be booked through the Historical Museum of Southern Florida ( and Dr. George is a true Miamian and historian who, like nobody else, explains the marvelous sites along the river. From the sacred Tequesta burial site, the Miami Circle close to Biscayne Bay to old inns and mansions, the river is steeped in history. Miami’s founding fathers and mothers, like William Brickell and Julia Tuttle all owned properties along the river and Dr. George doesn’t miss out on stories like the one about Gertie Walsh’s famous brothel and, on a more serious note, about Tent City where in 1980 many Cuban refugees camped out after they came across. Big yachts and small sailboats are docked everywhere and you can get a glimpse of the E.G. Sewell Park and its royal palms. The tour starts and ends in the Marina of Bayside Market Place. Head back along Flagler street, walk over the drawbridge of 1st Avenue and point your feet towards Mary Brickell Village. This picturesque mixture of shops, restaurants, art galleries, green zones, fountains and cafes nestles comfortably in the shadow of the towering high rises of the Financial District. And that’s where the Miami business men, office workers and residents hang out. Mingle with them at lunchtime or celebrate and relax in the evening. Best of all is however Tobacco Road, Miami’s oldest pub located nearby. Once upon a time, tobacco ships from Cuba used to dock and unload there and the sailors and stevedores needed hearty sustenance. That tradition is kept on at the pub/restaurant which offers specials of steak or seafood on alternating days. At night, it gets even better. Live music makes the place hop. Bikers show off their incredible rides, Miamians come to eat, drink, dance and simply have a good time until 2am. On weekends, the parking lot is converted into an outdoor market with stalls selling clothes, jewelry and paintings. A clairvoyant will tell you your future and you will go home having made a few new friends and heard some outrageous tales.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ephesus Museum Selcuk

A wonderful place often left out in guided tours to Ephesus is the Ephesus Museum in Selcuk. Read my recent article published in Europe a la Carte.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Smithsonian Journey Travel blog

I'm proud to say that smithsonian enjoyed my picture of Turkish Delight and just published it here.

Europe a la carte

The single woman traveler has found a new outlet for her travel writing. Europe a la carte is a UK based travel blog which features amazing destinations and great photographs. What's even better: a great sense of humor shines through. Read my latest entry about Galicia.