Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sweet Revenge mentioned on funbugs

I'm delighted to see that my first novel Sweet Revenge and its review by Maralyn B Hill has been mentioned on funbugs.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I love Galicia!

The Northern province of Spain has so many beautiful spots it's a shame not more people travel there. I was so fascinated with the lush woods, ragged coastline, calm and soothing rias, islands, beaches, historical sites and glorious seafood, that I needed to write a Pocket Travel Guide.It's available from guidegecko You can have a free preview, download at $4 or purchase at $9.06. Admire the pictures too and if you have suggestions to add, they will be more than welcome.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Review of The Househusbands Club

Read the 5star review at Readers Favorite.

"The Househusbands' Club" Finalist in Readers Review Awards

My first novel "The Househusbands' Club" is finalist in its category in the 2009 Readers Favorite Award competition. A review will be posted shortly on their website.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

TRAVEL’N ON » Blog Archive » Tiniest “Everything” in Tortola

TRAVEL’N ON » Blog Archive » Tiniest “Everything” in Tortola

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Permanent Make-up

A single woman traveler wants to look good 24/7. Being on the move however does not always allow for visits to hairdressers and beauty parlors. Balancing your make up kit on your knees when in a cramped aircraft seat or on a bus in the middle of nowhere isn't easy either. So, what's the solution? Two words: permanent make-up. I have been reluctant for a long time, fearing pain and infection, but finally I took the plunge. You can have your eyebrows done, your lips and even permanent eyeliner tattooed on. I stayed away from the latter. I thought: if the girl slips with her needle I'll be blind in one eye or both. So I restricted myself to eyebrows and lips and it's really great. To be honest: it does hurt. They do numb your lips and eyebrows, but even so, the tears were streaming down my face. It doesn't come cheap either and, once the scab has fallen off, you need a retouch. But the result is great. You look groomed all day long and all night too without fear of smearing anything.Find a reputable salon to avoid any fears of lacking hygiene, grit your teeth and suffer through the ordeal. All that's needed is tinted moisturizer, a touch of blusher and lip gloss and any of that can be easily applied anywhere.

Memories of the Orient Express

When I recently visited Istanbul, I stayed in a small hotel in the historic Sultanahmed district of the city.The advantage of that location is, that many of Istanbul's most famous landmarks are literally within walking distance. One of my first stops was Sirkeci Gare, which once upon a time was the final destination of the Orient Express of Agatha Christie fame. Anyone who has seen or read Murder in the Orient Express cannot possibly pass up the opportunity to visit the picturesque location. Built in what is known as the oriental version of the German Jugenstil (the architect was actually German) today's Orient Express does no longer run as far as Istanbul. But the building has been lovingly preserved and restored and the restaurant inside the statoon which was once the First Class waiting room, conveys the atmosphere of time gone by. Many photographs of famous travelers who were passengers of the Orient Express adorn the walls. They used to proceed to the Pera Palace Hotel, as in fact Mrs. Christie did, who wrote her novel there. The hotel is at present closed under extensive renovations but will no doubt reopen in even greater splendor.


In compliance with latest regulations the owner of this blog states that she has not received any kind of remuneration or advantage from any of the locations, resorts, products or services mentioned in any individual blog post. Owner will make full disclosure should that situation change in future.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Enjoying the fish in Paradise Island/Nassau

The last stop on my recent 7day cruise calling on several Caribbean islands was Nassau/Bahamas. As we approached port the gigantic Atlantis resort on Paradise island virtually rose out of the early morning mist. Once docked, I couldn't get off fast enough and take the ferry over. The ferry alone was already an adventure. Ferry is too big a word for it, it's rather a glorified fishing boat with a lot of wooden benches nailed to the floor and a sailor/mate/captain cum travel guide who was full of fun. Once I entered the resort, I learned that you could only have access to certain areas, including the famous tunnel by forking out a stiff $75. No need for that though. There are plenty of public areas to visit which already take your breath away. The casino, the shopping arcade and, three entire walls of aquarium. You can get really close and personal with the fish, watch them swim, see sharks, stingrays and many, many more colorful species. Then go outside and walk along the walkway which surrounds the hotel and look at waterfalls and more fish from above. A wonderful fruit salad at one of the many restaurants was the crowning glory of a memorable excursion to Paradise island.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Single woman traveler and jewelry

Of course, us single girls roaming the world, want to look good. Clothes is easy, but what about jewelry? We do own the real thing, but is it wise to take it with us? The answer is no. Theft in hotels do occur and what good do the diamonds do us if they are stashed in the strong box. Outdoors there is always the risk of being mugged when you wear the real bling. There are two alternatives: decorative costume jewelery which can never be mistaken for the real thing. Or, fo somewhat safer surroundings imitations or semo precious stones. Look a this website: Lovely pieces at very reasonable prices. Better leave the above at home!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Self Defense for the woman traveler

Let's face it. If we, as a single woman traveler, roam the world on our own, we have to be concerned about our safety. I for one, am sick and tired of looking over my shoulder and have taken the plunge and attended as self defense course. I have come away not only with a few good tricks, but also with insights which I want to share. "If you look like a victim, you will become a victim", were the first words our instructor said. "Remember to walk erect and self confident. Don't clutch your purse to your chest and hurry along with your head bowed. You are silently screaming: attack me!!" Next was the fact, that defending yourself does not require physical strength. Anatomical knowledge, some flexibility and the law of leverage will do the trick. Elbows, fingers, knees applied in the right way can get you out of an attack. Hopefully, we will never have to apply what we learn in the course, but having leanred the tricks and moves boost self confidence and we will never agin look like a vicitom. If you find a self defense course in your vicinity, don't hesitate to attend. You are never too old either.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Book signing party!

I still can't believe it, but its' really going to happen. On the 19th I'm having my first ever book signing party in the party room of my condo in Miami. What's more, it has been arranged by the manager of the community, who read Sweet Revenge, liked it a lot and just wanted to give me a hand. Isn't that something?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chance to win a trip to Hawaii

Here is a chance to win a trip to Hawaii for me. But, I need a little help from ym friends. Please click on this link on trazzler. It's an article and picture I entered in the Islands Competition at the online travel magazine trazzler. First prize is: a trip to Hawaii!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

What the single woman traveler reads on a long distance flight

The hours are dragging and I much prefer to read a book over watching a movie. So, in the airports, I'm always on the lookout for a book, a novel which promises entertainment but is manageable (i.e. not 1000 pages and weighing a ton)and which I can read from start to finish in about 6-8 hours. Of course, you can always read a travel guide getting some information about the destination you are heading for, but, if you go on vacation, you are likely to have done that before you even set off. Back to the novels: I decided to write one of my own, with just that purpose in mind. Entertain and finish when you are ready to disembark. Why not give my novel "Sweet Revenge" a try? Available at barnes&noble online. My gourmet friend and writer Maralyn B Hill liked it. Follow her on her blog and read about the world of travel, delicious food and fine wines. You could also look at my novel #2 "The Househusbands Club.: It's available from lulu. Although with 323 pages a bit longer than Sweet Revenge, you can still manage it and have a good laugh.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lady's Polo in Miami Beach

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Oh yes, the ladies practice this sport too. And how chic they look fully in action on their ponies.

Where to admire orchids in the middle of December

Where else in the world can the single woman traveler admire blooming orchids in a lovely garden (not a hothouse) at the beginning of December but at an orchid enthusiast's marvelous garden in Coral Gables Miami. Yes, I know, there are other countries where it's hot in December but I'm just such a Miami fan and the orchids are an added bonus.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where to sit on a long distance flight?

There are actually only two choices: aisle or window. Nobody would opt voluntarily for a middle seat on a long distance flight. My choice is always aisle. The purpose of a window seat is to be able to look out and see something. Well, it's either night or you are above the clouds or the blinds come down even during broad daylight as soon as the movie starts. Just try to push up your blind and you are in trouble! An aisle seat allows you to get up and move around or visit the restroom to your heart's content without disturbing anybody. It also allows you to stretch your legs into the aisle--with due caution of course! Mind running kids, other 'promenading' passengers or the drinks trolley. In addition you have at least one free elbow and the overhead bin is further away from the top of your head than in a window seat which sometimes makes me feel claustrophobic. As many travelers still opt for a window seat, the single woman traveler (or male traveler for that matter) will almost always have a choice of their favorite aisle seat even if they haven't or couldn't pre-book their seat.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Books and travel articles - inka piegsa-quischotte

Books and travel articles - inka piegsa-quischotte

Let's forget the calories!

Even the most calorie conscious woman traveler needs to throw caution to the wind and simple indulge in the pleasure of sweets and pastries. Hardly is there a better place to be found than the Spice Market in Istanbul. Be prepared to come close to a sugar coma, because the incredible variety of Turkish Delight alone is irresistible. Not to mention baklava, cakes and the very rich chocolate mousse with walnuts.