Friday, December 18, 2009

Enjoying the fish in Paradise Island/Nassau

The last stop on my recent 7day cruise calling on several Caribbean islands was Nassau/Bahamas. As we approached port the gigantic Atlantis resort on Paradise island virtually rose out of the early morning mist. Once docked, I couldn't get off fast enough and take the ferry over. The ferry alone was already an adventure. Ferry is too big a word for it, it's rather a glorified fishing boat with a lot of wooden benches nailed to the floor and a sailor/mate/captain cum travel guide who was full of fun. Once I entered the resort, I learned that you could only have access to certain areas, including the famous tunnel by forking out a stiff $75. No need for that though. There are plenty of public areas to visit which already take your breath away. The casino, the shopping arcade and, three entire walls of aquarium. You can get really close and personal with the fish, watch them swim, see sharks, stingrays and many, many more colorful species. Then go outside and walk along the walkway which surrounds the hotel and look at waterfalls and more fish from above. A wonderful fruit salad at one of the many restaurants was the crowning glory of a memorable excursion to Paradise island.