Friday, October 30, 2009

Contacts or glasses?

Of course, being women, we want to look nice even if we embark on long haul flights. Looking good and being comfortable are top priority. And as this is a blog oriented towards women of a "certain age" many of us will need glasses. Reading glasses are no problem, but what about short sigthedness? For those who usually use contact lenses here is a piece of advice: get yourself a pair of chic glasses when you plan a long distance flight and dispense with the contacts. Dehydration is a major problem when flying and eyes dry out, with the result, that the lenses get very sticky and itchy. Cases have been known, where they stuck so terribly to the eyeball that they needed to be removed surgically. Get yourself not too dark sun glasses with prescription lenses. They have the added advantage of hiding tired eyes and you may even be mistaken for a celebrity.