Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flight romantic in Greece

I just love it when I get a chance to fly the old-fashioned way which is to say: propellers instead of jets, walking across the tarmac, boarding by way of a narrow pull-up gangway, sitting where you please and not being jostled by tons of so-called 'carry-on' luggag by reason of the fact, that there are no overhead bins to store it in. Not to mention a pilot who actually seems to fly the thing himself instead of computers doing the heavy lifting. As you fly low, you can actually see something when you look out the window. All this romantic I experienced on my recent fkight from the Greek island of Kos to Crete with the Crete airline Sky Express. As it was the height of the summer season, they had laid on their 'big' plane: a 30 seater whereas in off season a 12 seater will do. And you know what? People enjoyed themselves no end. Nobody was in a hruuy, many stopped by the engines and took pictures of each other. A sinle flight attendant puled p the stairs, locked the door and proceeded to do safety instructions also the old fashioned way. She did it so nicely that people actually paid attention. Give me Sky Express any time.