Monday, November 16, 2009

The single woman is cruising...

On a cruise ship that is! 8 days lie just behind me which I spent on board the Carnival Freedom, cruising Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Tortola, Antigua and Nassau/Bahamas. Cruises don't come cheap and, therefore I let myself be persuaded by the travel agent to share a cabin with a "very nice lady your won age". I of course didn't know the lady in question, but I thought: I'm not a difficult person, I don't snore and don't have smelly feet and it's only for a few nights and..anyway we won't spend much time in the cabin. Let me tell you: don't do it! If you can't afford the rather stiff price for a single cabin, don't go on the cruise, but never, ever share with some one you don't know. I had to move into a single cabin after two nights, because there was no way I would allow myself to be patronized in the manner this woman tried. Among other things: she asked me not to use perfume or Eau de Cologne in the bathroom in the morning as she can't stand the scent so early in the day. I kid you not!!!

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