Saturday, December 19, 2009

Permanent Make-up

A single woman traveler wants to look good 24/7. Being on the move however does not always allow for visits to hairdressers and beauty parlors. Balancing your make up kit on your knees when in a cramped aircraft seat or on a bus in the middle of nowhere isn't easy either. So, what's the solution? Two words: permanent make-up. I have been reluctant for a long time, fearing pain and infection, but finally I took the plunge. You can have your eyebrows done, your lips and even permanent eyeliner tattooed on. I stayed away from the latter. I thought: if the girl slips with her needle I'll be blind in one eye or both. So I restricted myself to eyebrows and lips and it's really great. To be honest: it does hurt. They do numb your lips and eyebrows, but even so, the tears were streaming down my face. It doesn't come cheap either and, once the scab has fallen off, you need a retouch. But the result is great. You look groomed all day long and all night too without fear of smearing anything.Find a reputable salon to avoid any fears of lacking hygiene, grit your teeth and suffer through the ordeal. All that's needed is tinted moisturizer, a touch of blusher and lip gloss and any of that can be easily applied anywhere.


  1. Well, as they say in French 'il faut souffrir por etre belle'.

  2. You don't have to stop there. I got my hair lasered and now I don't even need to shave. Works brilliantly if you have dark hair and light skin.