Sunday, December 13, 2009

Self Defense for the woman traveler

Let's face it. If we, as a single woman traveler, roam the world on our own, we have to be concerned about our safety. I for one, am sick and tired of looking over my shoulder and have taken the plunge and attended as self defense course. I have come away not only with a few good tricks, but also with insights which I want to share. "If you look like a victim, you will become a victim", were the first words our instructor said. "Remember to walk erect and self confident. Don't clutch your purse to your chest and hurry along with your head bowed. You are silently screaming: attack me!!" Next was the fact, that defending yourself does not require physical strength. Anatomical knowledge, some flexibility and the law of leverage will do the trick. Elbows, fingers, knees applied in the right way can get you out of an attack. Hopefully, we will never have to apply what we learn in the course, but having leanred the tricks and moves boost self confidence and we will never agin look like a vicitom. If you find a self defense course in your vicinity, don't hesitate to attend. You are never too old either.

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