Monday, December 7, 2009

What the single woman traveler reads on a long distance flight

The hours are dragging and I much prefer to read a book over watching a movie. So, in the airports, I'm always on the lookout for a book, a novel which promises entertainment but is manageable (i.e. not 1000 pages and weighing a ton)and which I can read from start to finish in about 6-8 hours. Of course, you can always read a travel guide getting some information about the destination you are heading for, but, if you go on vacation, you are likely to have done that before you even set off. Back to the novels: I decided to write one of my own, with just that purpose in mind. Entertain and finish when you are ready to disembark. Why not give my novel "Sweet Revenge" a try? Available at barnes&noble online. My gourmet friend and writer Maralyn B Hill liked it. Follow her on her blog and read about the world of travel, delicious food and fine wines. You could also look at my novel #2 "The Househusbands Club.: It's available from lulu. Although with 323 pages a bit longer than Sweet Revenge, you can still manage it and have a good laugh.

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