Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where to sit on a long distance flight?

There are actually only two choices: aisle or window. Nobody would opt voluntarily for a middle seat on a long distance flight. My choice is always aisle. The purpose of a window seat is to be able to look out and see something. Well, it's either night or you are above the clouds or the blinds come down even during broad daylight as soon as the movie starts. Just try to push up your blind and you are in trouble! An aisle seat allows you to get up and move around or visit the restroom to your heart's content without disturbing anybody. It also allows you to stretch your legs into the aisle--with due caution of course! Mind running kids, other 'promenading' passengers or the drinks trolley. In addition you have at least one free elbow and the overhead bin is further away from the top of your head than in a window seat which sometimes makes me feel claustrophobic. As many travelers still opt for a window seat, the single woman traveler (or male traveler for that matter) will almost always have a choice of their favorite aisle seat even if they haven't or couldn't pre-book their seat.

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