Thursday, October 21, 2010

Coming soon

I'm happy to announce that I'm currently creating a new blog, or rather a decent website with professional help. I already got the domani name: Glamourgranny Travels. The content will be similar to the current one but with more sections and directed at older women who like to roam the world but prefer to do so in some comfort. I'll feature hotels, spas, luggage, keep fit tips and look into some organised tours as well. It'll have more sections, a picture gallery and tons of links to other website also directed at older women but not necessarily dealing exclusively with travel. It's an exciting new enterprise and I only hope that many will find it interesting.


  1. What? no camping for elders? LOL.

  2. Oh yes, Ruthie, the kind were the tents are silk and the floor is covered with Persian rugs and everything is carried for you.

  3. Wow!!! this would be a one stop learn for all the lone women traveller...eagerly waiting