Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 Best Activities to do in Noosa

Noosa, Queensland, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. The area is well-known for its pristine landscape. Noosa has an abundance of beaches and wildlife with Noosa hotels situated in the hinterland as well as the beachfront, giving you a number of options whatever your taste. There are no high-rises taking over the amazing picturesque views. The casual atmosphere allows tourists to feel laid-back and in touch with nature while enjoying the actives that Noosa has to offer. From strolling the boardwalk to skydiving, good times await all.

Noosa River and Everglades

Experience a day of natural wonders by taking a long cruise through the Noosa River and Everglades. It is in Cooloola National Park. This is a bird lover's paradise. There are a large number of things to photograph. A barbecue lunch at Harry's Hut in Great Sandy National Park is included with the cruise. A visitor has the choice between fish fillets, steak, sausages or vegetarian. The meal is topped off with a glass of wine. Explore this unspoiled eco system and leave with unforgettable memories of peace and tranquility. It’s a special feeling that you can only find in the Everglades.

Sunset Kayaking

Kayaking on the Noosa River is a joy. During the day, you are able to explore and kayak alongside the dolphins. However, there is a whole other beautiful world to be seen at sunset. Animals are waking up while others are just now resting. The area is full of new sounds that are taking over the landscape. Soak up all the riches of the mangroves and sandbars while exploring the wildlife-filled estuaries. Take a break to splash in the water with fish before continuing on towards the ocean. When the sun sets, the kayak sails rise. Take in the beauty of the sunset, and then cruise back on the Noosa River. This is a wonderful excursion for first timers and families with children. Kayaking is leisurely and makes for a wonderful trip at the end of the day. It can even be a start to a fun filled evening.

Circus Workshop

This is where the magic of making a visitor's dream comes to life. The circus workshop has lessons for juggling, trapeze work and bungee trampolines. Lessons last anywhere from 90 minutes to overnight stays. This is a fun way to learn basic circus skills. While on the bungee trampoline, people learn about confidence and aerial awareness. These skills come in handy if you are moving on to the trapeze. A guest will have a blast learning tricks and flips while bouncing in the air. Juggling school helps teach eye to hand coordination. Guests will have hands-on experience using balls, clubs and devil sticks. It is a great gift to learn to show family and friends. Instructors at the flying trapeze workshop will help with warm-ups. Then, you proceed to the practice bar that is at ground level. A safety belt is fitted and used throughout practice. Lessons include how to swing, take off, knee hang and back flip down to the net. This popular attraction in Noosa must be booked four to six weeks in advance.


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