Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Top Things to Do in Larnaca

Have you ever heard of Larnaca? It’s not at the top of many traveler’s lists, but it’s an incredible destination off the beaten path and one you should definitely hit if you’re an adventurous traveler! Not only is it the oldest city in Cyprus, but it may be one of the oldest cities in the world. This rugged and charming town has a mysterious and seductive feel that will have you wanting to explore its every nook and cranny. There are plenty of things to do, and this will surely be a visit you won’t forget. You can book your holiday to Larnaca through Thomas Cook. So read on for the top things to do while you’re staying in Larnaca:

Ayios Lazarus
This site is notable as a church built on the site where St. Lazarus’s tomb is kept. Lazarus moved to Cyprus after being chased out of Israel, spreading the news of Christianity after Jesus brought him back from the dead. He was named Bishop of Kition and reigned for years. This church is fascinating to explore and is a remarkable historical site to visit while in Larnaca.

Salt Lake
The “Salt Lake” is in fact a group of four salt lakes that are interconnected and fill with water during winter months. When they are full, flocks of flamingos come to make their home here and feed on the shrimp living in the lake. As the weather warms and summer comes along, the water dries up and leaves a crusty salt layer that can be up to 10 cm thick.

Larnaca Fort
This fascinating site was built back in 1625 by the Ottomans, in attempts to defend the city from attackers. But it was actually more often used as a prison! The fort has a gorgeous location right on the shore line so when you go visit, you actually walk around it by a sea wall. In the fort you can see plenty of archaeological exhibits like suits of armor and other artifacts. In the summertime, the fort and surrounding area are often used for outdoor events like concerts and festivals.

Wreck of the Zenobia
Do you love scuba diving? You’re going to go nuts for Cyprus! There is some amazing diving here and you really can’t miss the wreck of the Zenobia while you’re here. The Zenobia cargo ship sunk 30 years ago and is in great condition, with a number of different dive levels and challenges that will appeal to any level of diver. This is actually considered one of the top shipwreck dives in the world. You’ll see things like the colorful carpets in the lounge and even food still in the vending machines!

This is one of the most important Neolithic sites in the world, and a World Heritage Site as well. At first, it might look like a mess of jumbled stones and rocks but in fact this is the ruins of an ancient civilization. A visit to this site will reveal how people lived 9,000 years ago. And the work is still in progress here, who knows what is yet to be found.


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