Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tips for Solo Travelers

Solo travelling or soul searching is often a preferred choice of many globe-trotters. Back packers are seen indulging in it more regularly than package-deal travellers. Travelling alone can be the ultimate experience of self-indulgence. However, taking into the account the perils of such a form of travel like safety concerns and loneliness, a few tips about the same can make the experience a pleasant one.

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The foremost concern of a single traveller is safety. He is more vulnerable to scam artists than people travelling in a group. Also, he has to deal with the simplest of the health worries on his own with no companion to watch his back. Small tips like knowing the exact distances and modes of commute between airports, stations and the destinations can prevent him from being “taken-on-a-ride”. If travelling alone, avoid travelling in the night and read more about places of visit for issues of safety, if any. A thumb rule is to trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

It is advisable to keep a low profile if you are a lone traveller. Attracting attention by wearing flashy clothes or coming across as an obvious tourist can mean some tricky pickles. A few white lies don’t hurt either. “I have to meet a friend at the station but don’t know the way. Could you help please?” is a safer option than poring over maps.

Being in touch ensures you a sense of belonging when you are travelling alone and peace of mind for your loved ones. Leave them a copy of your itinerary and check in periodically. International texting these days has become dearth cheap. If you are travelling with a pc, making pc to phone calls is another way of getting rid of solitude especially in the evening or during meals.
Solo dining may not be as amusing as it sounds at times. Sitting at a counter seat or at the bar in a restaurant may help.  Sometimes  when traveling we get stressed , tired and fatigue .  We have to remember that part of traveling is exploring new things , like for example if your in Hawaii pamper yourself by going to a resort , sitting by the beach and just taking in all the beauty. Bring a book you don’t mind leaving behind. Writing a journal is also a great way of savouring your travel memories later. It is important to eat well. Have a laid-back coffee or a decadent dessert once in a while. The constant vigilance needed whilst travelling alone can wear you down. 

Lastly, in case you start feeling lonely, you could cut short your ambitious itinerary and kick back for a while. You could even consider joining a group of fellow travellers or spend time in youth hostels where you could end up with some interesting company and activities to do.
A thing to remember always, be it solo or in a group, the sole purpose of travelling should be that experience of gratification at the end of it all! 

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