Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Shopping in New York

There are so many reasons to spend a long weekend in New York. If you already know the main tourist attractions of the city, take this opportunity to go shopping in one of the best cities in the world for this activity. Prices are generally lower than in the UK and you'll be spoiled for choice. If you are and addict window shopper, you will certainly reach nirvana in Manhattan. 

One thing that you need to take care about before departing to New York is booking Manchester airport parking. With airport parking, you will save money to spend during your New York shopping spree. 
It is always interesting to go shopping in New York, mainly because, despite the crisis, this city remains the Mecca of shopping. Shops are open every day, usually from 10 am to 20 pm, and even later on Thursday. Moreover, one can find without difficulty many bargains regardless of the time of the year. From electronics, stereo to clothing and beauty products many products often display prices that are genuine deals, especially if you decide to travel to New York on a special day such as The Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving, that is the fourth Friday in November). The period after Christmas and New Year’s Eve is also an excellent time to go shopping in New York, as almost everything gets on sale then. 
One can easily draw a map of the shops in Manhattan. The neighbourhoods are somehow specialized in one type of shops, although you can find everything everywhere. Thus, you have Lower Broadway, particularly between 4th St. and Canal St. East, where you will find the best deals for jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. There are also a lot of discount stores in the Lower East Side. For clothing, you will find generally incredible deals in the Garment District, located between 6th and 9th Avenue from 34th to 42th Street. This is the heart of the garment industry in the United States, where one third of all apparel produced in the country is designed and manufactured. 
For an upbeat look, stroll the side of SoHo, in NoLita and Greenwich Village, where you can explore avant-garde designer boutiques, specialized in both fashion and home design. Finally, going back to Midtown and the Upper East Side, 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue are the haunts of upscale boutiques and department stores. If you do not want to spend too much money but still come back home with plenty of things, try the located in New Jersey or the flea markets such as Hell's Kitchen on 39th Street. 
You can also choose to visit some of the malls in the city if you like to find all the stores you need in one place. Two of the best malls a shopping aficionado should not miss are the Manhattan Mall and Pier 17. These are veritable temples of shopping in New York and they will certainly lure you in with their extravagance.


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